problem with -inetd:Connection reset by peer

Dumas Patrice dumas "at"
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 11:21:58 +0000

I use a redhat 7.0 as client and server. On the server I use xinetd, with
xinetd launching, as user nobody, on 5950, with name vnc-640x480x8 :

Xvnc -inetd -query localhost -once -geometry 640x480 -depth 8 -pn

I have xdm running un the server, and in xdm-config, I have the following line:


(it seems that xdm works quite properly, as I have an X terminal connected.)

Now, on the client, as the user user, I do a

$ vncviewer server:50
I get one of the 2 following responses :
vncviewer: read: connection reset by peer
vncviewer: VNC server closed connection

On the server, I get the following logs of xinetd:

01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {exec_server} duping 6
01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {child_exit} waitpid returned = 16128
01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {server_end} vnc-640x480x8 server 16128 exited
01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {svc_postmortem} Checking log size of vnc-640x480x8
01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {child_exit} waitpid returned = -1
01/8/20 "at" 11:47:06: DEBUG: {main_loop} active_services = 1

and (with the ip of the client):

Aug 20 11:47:06 server xinetd[16127]: START: vnc-640x480x8 pid=16128
Aug 20 11:47:06 server xinetd[16128]: USERID: vnc-640x480x8 OTHER :user

I have nothing relevant in xdm logs (but I only have the stderr logged, and
with default debug level).

How may I have more insight into what happens with Xvnc. Is it possible to get
Xvnc to dump a log, or something like that with this setup ?

Has anybody any hint ? I can use vnc when using vncserver.

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