VNC vs. Microsoft NetMeeting's Shared Desktop

Joshua J. Kugler jkugler "at"
Mon, 20 Aug 2001 01:15:53 +0000

The documentation can be found on the VNC web site.  As to the 
ctrl-alt-delete, right click on the task bar button for VNC, and select 
"Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete"

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At 17:02 Sunday 2001-08-19 -0700, you allegedly said:
>Thank you for your reply.  I am considering how VNC applies in my situation.
>I don't use "unix/linux/solaris/max etc etc".
>My main concern is how to lower the latency.
>I tried ctrl-alt-del, and it did not work.  What documentation are you
>talking about?
>Also, please do me a favor.  I am new to open source apps, and I would
>appreciate your patience.

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