atom bomb in WINVNC

H. Th. van der Meer h.vandermeer02 "at"
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 18:21:03 +0000

I am tracking down a problem I have had with using VNC. Some times my
applications would crash without any traceable cause.
As far as I can see it now, WINVNC does something it shouldn't. It stores
the latest x,y coordinates in a windows property and addresses this property
with an windows ATOM GetProp(window,ATOM).

This looks like a very nice algorithm but the problem is that the Windows
ATOM table is linked to the desktop and is cleared when the user logs in (or
out?). The ATOM that WINVNC uses looses its validity when users log in (or

For some more information see article Q238721 in the Microsoft knowledge
base. They have a similar problem for common controls and MFC.

This is more than I can fix on a Friday afternoon, any suggestions?
Is my observation correct?

Henk van der Meer
Target Team Timing

This problem started in this list as a Delphi problem see:
 VNC krasches Delphi apps on server
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