reboot needed to reconnect to Win2000

Brad brad.32 "at"
Sat, 18 Aug 2001 02:19:26 +0000


I have looked at the VNC FAQ and searched the vnc-list archive, but didn't see a report of this problem:

I can only connect with the VNCViewer on my Win98 machine to WinVNC under Win2000, at work, after a reboot. If I close the session by terminating the VNCviewer or logging out of the Win2000 machine, then I cannot reconnect until someone reboots it. If I close the session by initiating a reboot of the Win2000 through the VNCViewer, then I can reconnect any time after the boot is complete. I have not changed any of the options from the defaults (aside from setting the password).

What is going on? Is this expected for Win98 connecting to Win2000? Do both need to be running Win2000?

Thank you.

-- Brad

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