VNC Commander

Floyd Russell floyd "at"
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:26:40 +0000

Sorry for the lack of info.
Ok, We are running 3.3.3r7 on the server
I didn't mean to imply that I was holding down Shift.
I used the mouse to highlight a section of text I wanted
to overwrite with what I had in the buffer. I did the highlight
and hit Ctrl-V. Then if I tried to move in the string with the
arrow keys the string highlight extend from where I had originaly
had the cursor to where ever I moved the cursor with the arrow
key. In retrospect I doubt this is an issue with VNC Commander and
has to do with the ActiveX client.

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|>I just tried pasting some text into a open text file in notepad and it
|>worked fine even if I was holding down the shift key, which you don't need
|>to do for a paste.
|>What are you using the shift key for?  I have always used ctrl-c
|>ctrl-x and
|>Are you connecting to a Linux or Unix box?  I have not tested on a Linux
|>What version and brand of VNC server are you running?
|>I just tried on a tridia and a stock VNC server both of them not latest
|>Please provide more detailed info
|>Tony Caduto
|>> I am having problems with copy and paste. The stock VNC viewer works
|>> fine, but the VNC Commander has some issues. For example when I paste
|>> to the machine I'm connected to the machine is convinced that I'm still
|>> holding down the shift button at the point where the cursor was when
|>> I hit Ctrl+V.
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