Win98/RAS and internal network OAnkert "at"
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 15:54:09 +0000


i still have a problem to connect to VNC-servers over a RAS connection.

This is the situation:
We have pc's with static ip's ( to, subnet 
and a gateway (standard gateway at each pc at for access 
of a external mainframe). Several PC's running vnc-servers and i can 
connect inside 
the network without any problems. Now i have attached another pc 
(, equipped with a network and a isdn card. I have started 
vnc-server and Windows-RAS-server on this machine. I can dial in from 
remote (over isdn) and if i enter in the vnc-viewer i 
can access this pc, but 
all other pc's are not reachable. If i look during an online connection 
the ip-settings i see, that the ras-server use / and 
the dial-in /
If i now open the vnc-viewer on i can access any other pc 
on the network (it's then very slow). Which steps are neccessary to 
access all the other pc from my remote pc over the ras connection. 
I have read several articels in the archiv, but no one fits my needs.
I can not change the standard gateway or the subnet mask.

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