Multicast / Teleteaching tool available

Peter Ziewer ziewer "at"
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:47:47 +0000

I've just got an answer to the message i've posted yesterday.
The author didn't knew me multicast vnc work  and that reminded
me that I didn't mentioned this tool at the mailing list.

There is a tool for teleteaching available:


It's a java vnc viewer that sends all incoming messages from the
original vnc server as multicast datagrams. The tool can record
the session, too.

The multicast clients are viewonly client for the students.
The teacher works with the proxy or any other vncviewer like
any normal vnc session.

So you can use vnc for teleteaching right now.

Let me know about interest and experience.


Peter Ziewer
University of Trier
(++49) 651/201-2815
ziewer "at"
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