VNC for Nokia 9210 ???

Marc Weigert mail "at"
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 20:53:57 +0000


can anyone tell me, if there is a version of VNC for Nokia 9210 in the
pipeline? We bought these devices to administer our Win2k boxes whilst being
out of the office, but unfortunaltey we have had to realize that Nokia
switched their OS from Geos to Symbian EPOC6. Well... we thought we can use
the Java applet via the 9210 webbrowser, but this browser does not support
Java :(

Is there someone on the list that already runs VNC in any form from a Nokia
9210 - or does anyone know if there is a development for an appropriate
version on the way? Some usenet post did say, you need to recompile EPOC5
applications (therefore exists a VNC version) to run under EPOC6, as it
makes use of another code (Unicode?).

Sorry if I didn't describe my problem clear enough - English is not my
mother language ;)

Thank you all in advance!


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