VNC krasches Delphi apps on server

H. Th. van der Meer h.vandermeer02 "at"
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 10:41:43 +0000

Hello Dimitri,

I've also looked at this problem more than once.
Recently I've bought a Delphi package that put me on a trial that might lead
to a fix. This package is used to build windows services with Delphi. It put
a lot of time in finding a problem that relates to interactive services.
It turns out that the table that windows uses to store atoms is destroyed
when the user logs off. The could lead to the following:

1) vnc is started and creates an atom
2) the user does something and logs off
3) windows deletes the atom table
4) a user logs on again
5) a Delphi application is started
6) the Delphi window is hidden
7) when a window hides vnc removes the prop.
   But it's the wrong one!!!!!

This will happen when delphi gets de atom that vnc used and thus is
sensitive to coincidence. But it looks like this is a general winvnc

For some more information see article Q238721 in the Microsoft knowledge
base. They had a similar problem for common controls and MFC.

I know this isn't a fix, but I need more time to follow this and could use
some help at it.


Henk van der Meer
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