Win32 VNC service Shutdown

Mike Rehbein rotorwash "at"
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 04:37:22 +0000

>No, I don't think spending 200 bucks a crack is the solution.
>If I get a chance I will fix it myself, it can't be that hard to ignore the
>shutdown message.
>VNC should be the last service to shutdown, or at least shutdown before any
>running apps.

Tony, can't you just write a shutdown bat file that you kick off with 
VNC and then you can observe error messages?  Actually, the bat file 
could just shut down other services and apps and then you can kick 
off a second bat file to do the reboot with, a two step process

we use VNC on 110 remotely located servers with great success. We 
also use a bat file to shut down services before a reboot. due to 
having some services hang on a shutdown.



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