Windows/Command/Meta-key mapping (was: Re: Taskmanager and a comments about VNC)

Jonathan Morton chromi "at"
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 20:26:56 +0000

>  > For example, if the Windows Key could be mapped to the Command Key
>>  on a Mac
>As far as I'm aware, that should happen for ChromiVNC Server.             
>I have to admit that I've never tried this (since I don't go near any form  
>of Windows OS as a general rule), but provided that the viewer sends along   
>some sort of 'Meta'-type key modifier information, and provided that key
>combinations involving this key don't get 'interrupted' by the OS in some
>way (or other - like ctrl-alt-del), then ChromiVNC should translate it at
>the server end as a command-key modifier...   (Jonathan?)

If the META, SUPER or HYPER keysyms are used by the viewer, ChromiVNC 
will interpret any of those as being the Command key.  I'm unsure 
whether either WinVNC or UNIX vncviewer actually does that, but 
VNCThing has got the right idea.

For viewers which don't do this, and for older 102-key keyboards, 
I've put in code which also translates a Ctrl-Alt (or Ctrl-Option) 
combo to a Command key.

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