Changing Resolutions

Matt Neimeyer neimeyer "at"
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 14:29:58 +0000

I think someone mentioned this at one point but I wanted to ask this...

I run all my machines at 1024x768... so when I VNC from one machine to 
another I get a window that chops off the bottom right of the viewed 
machines desktop.

Is there a way (or a planned feature) that will either, allow me to 
manually change the resolution and not lose the connection OR (what I'd 
prefer) provide a way to have the VNC server automatically change the 
resolution to say 800x600 (or some other chosen resolution) when I VNC in.

I'd prefer the latter because then I can use 1024x768 when I'm local and 
use 800x600 when I view via VNC without having to scramble to re-connect 
before the "accept these settings" dialog disappears.

If it makes a difference this is running VNC Server and VNC Viewer on Windows.

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