Taskmanager and a comments about VNC

Matt Neimeyer mneimeyer "at" home.com
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 02:34:24 +0000

>  - You can't see any taskmanager on the remote computer

Are you referring to the fact that when you use the Alt-Tab key combination 
with the Windows Version of the VNCViewer the keystrokes are executed locally?

In other words: If you have Eudora, Notepad and the VNCViewer open on 
Machine 1 (the one physically in front of you) and you are viewing Machine 
2 which has Outlook, IE and Netscape open (on a machine that is physically 
somewhere else) then using the Alt-Tab keys will rotate between Eudora, 
Notepad and the VNCViewer on Machine 1.

This can make it seem like nothing is happening if you ONLY have the 
VNCViewer open. (Since the little window doesn't show up if you only have 
one application only).

I agree I'd like to have a way to have ALL keystrokes sent through to the 
remote computer. Especially if it allowed for OS specific things... For 
example, if the Windows Key could be mapped to the Command Key on a Mac (If 
that's the right key... I'm not as familiar with that OS)  Or even if it 
only works for Same-OS-family to Same-Os-Family (windows to windows or mac 
to mac). I'd also like to be able to send in "restricted key combinations". 
For example, VMWare lets you send a Ctrl-Alt-Del to the guest OS by using 
Ctrl-Alt-Ins instead.

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