Taskmanager and a comments about VNC

Mike Rehbein rotorwash "at" mac.com
Sun, 12 Aug 2001 22:11:28 +0000

>  > I see taskmanager on my remote machine. i have no problem. If you tell us
>>  what os you are using and what is your setup perhap someone here can help
>>  you.
>My friend runs Windows 95 and the remote computers runs Windows 95, NT 4 and
>Windows 2000. It is not possible to see the taskmanager on the
>remote-computer through VNC's eyes.

I right click on the task bar and the task manager is available as a 
selection in the pop up menu.

Do you see a pop up menu when you right click in the task bar along 
the bottom of the remote computers screen?

Or, how are you attempting to bring up the task manager on the remote pc?

Task manager is viewable on each of the OS's you mention.

VNC works well for us. VNC is our primary GUI remote management tool 
at work. Our enterprise consists of about 110 servers.

WAN performance varies across the enterprise so we see various 
responses depending on the server we are controlling.

This difference in response is due to the WAN, not VNC. As most of 
our servers are identical in hardware and software config.



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