Win98 and RAS / network OAnkert "at"
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 18:42:35 +0000

Win98 and RAS / network


i have a problem with Windows 98, RAS and our company network.
I have read several posting on the list, but no one fits my need and 
playing around with the network did not give the expected results. 

I have a network range ( -, all pc (win98) 
use static ip's and have vncserver installed. I can reach these servers 
from inside 
the network with the internet explorer without any problems. Now i have 
another pc ( which has a buildin isdn-card and runs 
also vncserver. On this pc runs the ras-server, too. I don't know the 
isdn-ip of this 
server (can see it after a connection is established), but if i dialin 
it works 
and i can access with my remote pc vnc on this pc. But if i enter a 
other ip 
with a live vncserver (range 1-99) i get no response. I have change the 
gateway for the ppp-adapter to, but without any 
What's wrong?

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