Connection Closed Error. More Debug Info Requested.

Peter Bryant peter "at"
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:25:01 +0000

I have VNC up and running on production servers.  It is working fine and we
are able to connect through and use the service without problem - for a
After a while we connect to the server with the vncviewer, enter the password
and get a connection closed message.
I think the problem is one of our apps which is running on the server.  I
think it is consuming some resource that is preventing VNC from allowing us to
use it.
Why do I point my finger at our app?  When we kill the app, we are then able
to use VNC viewer on our server (i.e. we don't need to stop and restart
I have run perfmon to montior a variety of performance metrics.  Nothing jumps
out as being a leaking resource.
What I would like from you is something in the connection log that reports
problem VNC is experiencing when we try to connect.  i.e. the win32 error code
or exception that is being thrown.
This will enable to track down the problem (which I believe is some resource
leak in our app).
I'm attaching some of the debug information we have collected.
We are running Win2k, with 2Gb memory, dual P3 procs, vncviewer 3.3.3R3 and
same WinVNC version.
The connection log is as follows:
Started and Winsock (v 2) initialized
bufsize expanded to 4352
Registered connection with app
Connected to localhost port 5904
RFB server supports protocol version 3.3
Connected to RFB server, using protocol version 3.5
VNC authentication succeeded
Clipboard changed
Don't send initial clipboard!
Deregistered connection from app
VNC viewer closing down
(There is no report of the problem that causes "vncviewer to deregister from
The performance items we are monitoring on the machine are as follows:
\\MONTGOMERY\Memory\Page Faults/sec
\\MONTGOMERY\PhysicalDisk(_Total)Current Disk Queue Length
\\MONTGOMERY\Process(_Total)\Handle Count
\\MONTGOMERY\Process(_Total)\Thread Count
\\MONTGOMERY\Process(_Total)\Working Set
\\MONTGOMERY\Server Work Queues(0)\Queue Length
\\MONTGOMERY\Server Work Queues(1)\Queue Length
\\MONTGOMERY\Server Work Queues(Blocking Queue)\Queue Length
\\MONTGOMERY\TCP\Connection Failures
\\MONTGOMERY\TCP\Connections Active
\\MONTGOMERY\TCP\Connections Established
\\MONTGOMERY\TCP\Connections Passive
\\MONTGOMERY\TCP\Connections Reset

Connections Active and Connections Passive seem to increase.  I'm not sure if
this is normal.
Your help in this matter (providing a debug version of the server that will
report more errors) will be greatly appreciated.
Peter Bryant
CTO, Infopop Corporation
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