AutoCAD and tightVNC

Yan Seiner yan "at"
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:20:31 +0000

I finally got vnc working.

Here's my setup:

server: RedHat 7.0, Running Windows 98 under Win4Lin 3.0.

TightVNC beta server is running on windows.

Client: RedHat 7.0, running the linux version of tightVNC.

The problem I am having is in trying to run AutoCAD under windows. 
AutoCAD uses a "soft" cursor - it turns off the windows cursor and
generates a set of crosshairs.  It also "rubberbands" objects - as a
line is being drawn, it appears on the screen stretched as the cursor is

vnc misses the cursor and the rubberband effect most of the time.

This really makes autocad extremely difficult to use...  I think the
problem is with AutoCAD, not wiht VNC; but I am wondering if there is a
way to tell VNC to be more sensitive to minor changes in the screen - or
fast moving changes, or something.

If anyone has any experience running autocad with, please let me know
how you fared.


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