8-bit color issue

Iacangelo, Jerry jerry.iacangelo "at" lmco.com
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 21:58:09 +0000

I have an embedded Solaris 8 environment running many applications I don't
control.  The problem is the system runs out of colors because it is using
8-bit color with applications that don't share colors.  I was told if I
can't change the applications to use 24-bit color that your VNC software can
possibly be used to serve the displays and the color depth set to 24-bit for
the viewer to work around this problem.  I apologize if I do not have the
terminology correct because I am not an X-windows experienced person.  But I
am in a bit of jam and need help fast.  Regards,

Jerry Iacangelo
Lockheed Martin
FAX: 703-367-5247
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