VNC-related project

Glenn Mabbutt gmabbutt "at"
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 17:46:39 +0000

This is not really a VNC question (the VNC part works great!), however it
relates to a project I'm trying to do with VNC, and I think there are a
number of network programming gurus on this list, so here goes:

In a nutshell, I'm stuck at the point where I'm trying to find a wrapper for
tcp connections on Win32 that will trap and redirect attempted new socket
connections over an existing socket.  I've been searching for such a beast
and can't find it or anything near it.

Specifically, what I'm trying to implement is the following:

- client (win32) initiates connection to a tcp redirector server (win32 or
*nix, whatever will work)
- client passes variable to server
- server processes variable, maps variable to appropriate IP, creates
connection to that IP and port, "joins" the incoming and new sockets
- client then starts winvnc, starts secure tunnel (Zebedee in
reverse-connection mode), and then specifies winvnc -connect localhost,
which broadcasts desktop through secure tunnel (this point already works
between 2 machines via batch files I wrote), and connection gets passed
through existing socket to ultimate destination

I've asked about this on various newsgroups, most responses have been that
this is not possible on the client side.  Naturally, I want another opinion

All suggestions appreciated.

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