Upgrading VNC - altered docs

Richard Harris rich "at" darkage.co.uk
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 10:31:47 +0000

On 9 Aug 2001, at 6:00, Ryan Casey wrote:

> First, this says to use regdir to get the value, but references regini
> as the command example.  Second, I don't have the ResKit utils on my
> machine, and regdir was not bundled with the other utils.

Doh! I'll adjust the docs so that this reference is right. Also, I've put 
the reskit files in a seperate download and made them available as 
part of the larger fastpush.zip file.

BTW, does anyone know the legal status of the NT resource kit? 
Half of it seems to be available online (at various places - including 
MS!). It's only the server tools that aren't always up for grabs.


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