Solaris 7 compilation issues

Frank Evan Perdicaro frank "at"
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 18:15:06 +0000

> Subject: Re: Upgrading VNC (was TightVNC vs regular VNC)
> Speaking of upgrading, I have been trying to compile tightvnc without much success.  Is there anyone who has sucessfully compiled it on the solaris platform?  I am using Solaris 7. If anyone can sent me the compiled files, I would be very grateful.  Thanks.
> PS : Any version of solaris is worth a try.  

As Const has generated new version of TightVNC, I have verified his
work on Solaris 7.

There have been bumps in the road.  Early on, say a 10 months ago,
Const has some bogus instructions, as far as Solaris goes.  He thought
all was well, but there were problems with patch.  He and I worked
through the issues, using script and truss and make to find the exact
parameters.  Eventually he agreed it was not possible to compile Tight
on Solaris 7 (as it existed) and he eventually changed the make
method.  So if you have OLD Tight code, it WILL NOT COMPILE under
Solaris 7.  (More properly it will not patch, so the Makefile
eventually fails to produce a finished product.  The end result is the
same -- no useful product.)

I have the email/logs where Const and I tracked down the problem.  If
doubters really want to see them, and Const agrees, I could provide

All that is history.  If you get a recent gcc from
and a recent TightVNC from (not Tridia) I can assure you
it works.  Const reacted to my observations and fixed the
distribution.  The compile works, and the resulting products works
quite well.  My wife uses it every day.

If you can provide an FTP site, I might be able to send you the
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