vnc server securisation

Roger Brailly rbrailly "at"
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:49:50 +0000


I've been using vnc for a while but only in local area networks. Now I
have to set a computer with vnc outside the LAN in order to use it from
everywhere. I assume the security of the software is correct but I think
an interesting feature could be added. To prevent (bad) people from
logging-in trying every combinations of login/password, a limitation
should be installed to check the number of consecutive wrong requests
(i.e. when an unauthorized person tries to log 3 times for example and
fails, then the vnc service could shutdown to prevent any other
connection attempt or the host of the incoming connection could be
banned ). I hope my suggestion will be taken into consideration and I'm
looking forward to hearing about it soon.

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