Alain LaBonté  alb "at" iquebec.com
Tue, 07 Aug 2001 14:31:44 +0000

A 08:28 2001-08-07 -0400, David Brodbeck a icrit :
>What OS are you running the viewer under?  In Windows, just click on the
>little icon in the corner of the title bar and choose "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del".
>If you're running the viewer under Windows NT, Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Del also

Again, none of this works under my version of Windows 2000, not via the
menu (which I can access, but it does not do anything, keyboard-wise), not
either with Shift.

Perhaps does it have to do with the keyboard drivers in use? Does it assume
an English keyboard and does it intercept others incorrectly for controls?
Perhaps my assumption is silly too, I don't know, but there must be a cause
and I think loud.

I use a plain Microsoft Canadian standard multilingual keyboard driver
(Unicode-enabled) with the French version of Windows 2000 for the viewer.
And my VNC server uses Win 98SE with a different keyboard driver (same
keyboard, but with less characters [all the ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set
repertoire without exception {plus the EURO sign}, nevertheless], as it is
not Unicode-enabled, and the driver comes from a third-party vendor).

Useless to say, since I talk about keyboards in passing, the dead keys
don't work either. Fortunately, the Canadian standard has direct keys for 5
of the 6 most used accented letters (there are 14 of those) in French, in
lower and upper case (iIhH`@gGyY), which is not the case with the older
[IBM] Canadian French keyboard, still very much in use here, unfortunately.

Alain LaBonti
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