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I can think of a few good reasons.  Here's one scenario:

You have an Ordinary User that uses an NT machine via VNC.  However, every
so often you have to log in as Administrator to do maintenance.  You'd
rather not have the Ordinary User connecting to the machine if you've had to
leave it while doing maintenance, so you set the Administrator account's VNC
password differently.

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A fairly common problem.

There are two types of password in VNC - one is the Default user password,
set via VNC - Administrative Tools - Show Default Settings.  If no-one is
logged on to the NT Server, then this VNC password works.  The other, the
User password is  set via VNC - Show User Settings.  When this password is
set it is embedded in the NT user profile of the user who sets it.  Of
course it can be set differently from the Default password, and then
whenever that user is logged on to NT, it is the VNC password required,
overriding the Default password.

Anyone know why it was designed this way?
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