Roger Keays s354157 "at" student.uq.edu.au
Tue, 07 Aug 2001 12:02:42 +0000


I have compiled a working vnc server as a non-root user. To do this I had
to change the pipe loction to $HOME/tmp/.X11-unix. The server works fine,
but none of the X-clients know where the pipe is. Unforunately I cannot
symlink /tmp/.X11-pipe (it is a Solaris machine) to my directory because
of permission problems.

_X11TransNAMEDOpenClient: No device /tmp/.X11-pipe/X12 for NAMED
_X11TransOpen: transport open failed for local/unix:12
xterm.real Xt error: Can't open display: moss:12

Does anybody know a simple workaround? Do I need to replace a library
(xlib?) with a modified copy?

Thanks in advance,

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