Upgrading VNC (was TightVNC vs regular VNC)

Richard Harris rich "at" darkage.co.uk
Tue, 07 Aug 2001 09:53:57 +0000

Hi all....

> My biggest problem is that the machine that it'd be most useful on is one
> that we've shipped off to a site 1200 miles away, and something tells me
> that I can't upgrade to a newer VNC while operating the machine via VNC. ;)

I find NT easier to upgrade than 9x, mainly due to NT's better 
scheduling and <ahem> remote access. Phew, I nearly mentioned 
unix and telnet there.... DOH!

9x upgrades can be done via a login script or by a scheduled install 
via something like InnoSetup. I've got some rudimentary notes on 
this at www.darkage.co.uk/vnc/
The only down side is 9x's habit of dropping services when the user 
logs off.

On NT, if you can ping the remote PC and have adminstrator 
access to it, then you can use my fastpush script to upgrade 
them. It's only a batch file, so it would be easy to alter it to push 
TightVNC instead of one of the Tridia flavours I've got.

Has anyone the latest TightVNC for Windows compiled? If 
someone sends me a copy (or http/ftp address), I can put that in 


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