TightVNC vs regular VNC

Matt Neimeyer mneimeyer "at" home.com
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 18:42:04 +0000

>If you're running WinNT... hmm... aren't there ways to start/stop services
>from the command-line?  (i can't think of them right now)  In such a case,
>you could remotely text-edit a batch file to:

At the machine itself use the NET STOP and NET START commands... like...

NET STOP winvnc
do stuff
NET START winvnc

If you are able to get RPC access to the machine (say by VNCing into 
another NT or 2K machine on that network) you can also stop and start 
services on the machine with VNC. My favorite tool for doing this is 
Service Manager NT. (I found it at http://www.nttools-online.de/index.htm.)

>1) stop the TightVNC service
>2) copy files from the temp dir to the VNC dir
>3) restart the TightVNC service
>Then you could login as usual and do cleanup.
>of course, it's far more likely that the following will happen in either
>12) send email, go out for beer

13) Wait three days...
14) Have someone call you back who doesn't have keys to the server closet.
15) Wait another day
16) Have that really clueless manager call you back
17) Spend 5 hours on the phone talking him through a computer reboot
18) Give up
19) Book flight...
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