VNC for Pocket PC : Help!

Lee Allen lee "at"
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 13:44:54 +0000

I didn't get any responses to this post the first time around (last week).
Maybe I intimidated everyone with too many questions, or maybe they are too
WinCE specific.  But I could really, REALLY use a hand with problem #1.
Pretty please?


I am now running VNC on my iPAQ (Compaq Pocket PC).  This is totally cool!
We have modified our GUI application to work well at this limited screen
resolution.  I have put a wireless Ethernet card in the iPAQ.  The result is
portable (within our facility) access to our GUI application.  And ... we
couldn't have done this without VNC.

I am having a couple little problems, though, and I could use some help.

The host is a Linux system, running VNC in inetd mode (but that's
negotiable).  I obtained the ARM version of the VNC viewer from  Who maintains this?

Problem #1 (my biggest problem):
The iPAQ is configured to power down after 2 minutes of inactivity.  That's
necessary because the wireless LAN card is a big power drain.  So it powers
down with VNC running.  When I want to use it again, I power it back up.
And there is VNC, right where I left it.  Except ... when I press a key, or
click the mouse, it dies.

My first thought is that the host vncserver gave up on it -- timed out.  But
Xvnc is still running on the host, and a 'netstat' shows it is still

Can anyone help me understand what's going on here?

Problem #2:
(Really just a question)
Forget about inetd mode for a minute.  Is there a way to start vncserver
such that it doesn't require a password from the client?

Problem #3:
(Another question really)
'fullscreen' does not seem to work in this version of the viewer.  I would
love to get rid of those scroll bars.  But it does not appear to be
implemented in this version.  Can any one confirm this?

Many thanks.

Lee Allen
Leadtec Systems, Inc.
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