Re. Compiling tightvnc

Quek Hong Cheang quekhc "at"
Mon, 06 Aug 2001 12:14:16 +0000

The problem actually lies with my system (I think). When I use xmkmf, it kept complaining 
not being able to exec this file called cpp. I thought that it just needed a compiler 
so I made a link between this cpp and my gcc compiler.	Now when I run xmkmf, lots 
of error messages came out.  For example "stray / in program" and "syntax error at 
'@' token".  If I really need this cpp compiler, can anyone please direct me to a 
place where I can download one?  Or, is all this due to some other problem?  Thanks. 

On Fri, 03 August 2001, Kazuro FURUKAWA wrote: 
> Hi Const,  
> Thanks for your reply.  Anyway, I really appreciate you provide us  
> your great VNC improvement.  VNC-tight1.1p9 survives more than 4 month  
> on our Tru64Unix and I use it everyday from X11 or Windows.  (If you	
> need Tru64Unix (Compaq-alpha) binaries for your web, I can send them.)  
> I'd like to ask a general question on VNC (which were asked several  
> times on the list but no one had answered them.) 
> Is it difficult to allow more than 64 windows on X11 VNC server?  I  
> sometimes hit the limit. To my understanding, it should accommodate  
> up to 128 or 256 windows.  But I could not find the place in the  
> source code where Xvnc limit it, while it uses 8bits to store client	
> indices. 
> >>> On 03 Aug 2001 19:41:52 +0800,  Const Kaplinsky <const "at">  wrote; 
> > KF> BTW, will there be tight-1.2 soon? 
> >  
> > Yes, but I have to finish with Win32 stuff first. Anyway, 1.2 would 
> > not differ significantly from 1.1p9 in Unix part. 
> Cheers.  
> ----- 
> Kazuro FURUKAWA <kazuro.furukawa "at"> 
>  Linac,  High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Japan 

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