"Connection Closed" error (Scott C. Best)

Asa Ayers tornado419 "at" yahoo.com
Sun, 05 Aug 2001 15:17:50 +0000

how do you change your VNC server's http port?
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> Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 13:35:51 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "Scott C. Best" <sbest "at" best.com>
> Subject: re: "Connection Closed" error
> Brian:
> Heya. It sounds as if your office-place firewall
> and/or router (the Cisco and Sygate stuff) is causing the
> problem. I've heard of something like this before, when
> a user was running a viewer from behind a NAT'ing router,
> and the masquerade timeouts on that router were too small.
> Also, I doubt it's as simple as a firewall rule
> at your office, as you can get to your home login screen
> at all. That is, a connection is being allowed. If it were
> not, I'd suggest changing your home VNC server to listen
> on port-80, as your office firewall would most likely allow
> outgoing connections to that port.
> But...perhaps the office network has an http or socks
> proxy which you could use? If so, I'd suggest you use that.
> That is, setup an SSH tunnel at work to connect to your home
> (mindterm's lets you use proxies), and point your viewer into
> the tunnel, instead of directly at your home system.
> Good luck!
> - -Scott
> > This may have been discussed before, but I have had absolutely no luck
in my
> > searches of the mailing list archives.  I run WinVNC on a home network
> > (well, actually, it's TightVNC) and have no trouble connecting to my
> > machine.  Using a dialup connection with my laptop in the field, i can
> > successfully to my house.
> >
> > However, from work i have a problem.  I am able to initiate a connection
> > process with the server, but as soon as i submit my password i see a
> > "connection closed" message box, and VNCViewer fails to connect.  Has
> > else experienced this before?  My company has DSL service, and the
> > architecture is (essentially) what you see below:
> >
> > (DSL Internet Service) --- [Cicso 800 Series] --- [Sygate on Win2K] ---
> > (Office LAN)
> >
> > What would cause this problem?  Help greatly appreciated.

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