"Connection Closed" error

Scott C. Best sbest "at" best.com
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 21:44:28 +0000

	Heya. It sounds as if your office-place firewall
and/or router (the Cisco and Sygate stuff) is causing the
problem. I've heard of something like this before, when
a user was running a viewer from behind a NAT'ing router,
and the masquerade timeouts on that router were too small.
	Also, I doubt it's as simple as a firewall rule
at your office, as you can get to your home login screen
at all. That is, a connection is being allowed. If it were
not, I'd suggest changing your home VNC server to listen
on port-80, as your office firewall would most likely allow
outgoing connections to that port.
	But...perhaps the office network has an http or socks 
proxy which you could use? If so, I'd suggest you use that.
That is, setup an SSH tunnel at work to connect to your home 
(mindterm's lets you use proxies), and point your viewer into 
the tunnel, instead of directly at your home system.
	Good luck!


> This may have been discussed before, but I have had absolutely no luck in my
> searches of the mailing list archives.  I run WinVNC on a home network
> (well, actually, it's TightVNC) and have no trouble connecting to my host
> machine.  Using a dialup connection with my laptop in the field, i can VNC
> successfully to my house.
> However, from work i have a problem.  I am able to initiate a connection
> process with the server, but as soon as i submit my password i see a
> "connection closed" message box, and VNCViewer fails to connect.  Has anyone
> else experienced this before?  My company has DSL service, and the network
> architecture is (essentially) what you see below:
> (DSL Internet Service) --- [Cicso 800 Series] --- [Sygate on Win2K] ---
> (Office LAN)
> What would cause this problem?  Help greatly appreciated.
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