vnc is in startup scripts(change user and home directory?)

Tim Waugh twaugh "at"
Sat, 04 Aug 2001 10:07:26 +0000

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 06:45:41PM -0500, Barn Owl wrote:

> I am on a non-rpm system. so i will need to make the
> /etc/init.d/functions dir. What goes in it? Same with the
> /etc/sysconfig/network. Are they even important?

/etc/sysconfig/network can be an empty file and the script will still
work, but you need /etc/init.d/functions for things like 'initlog' and
'success' to work.

I guess you could get along without it if you replace initlog with its
arguments and remove the success/failure calls altogether, but I
haven't tested it.

> Finally as this looks
> like the best way to setup VNC to start at boot time, I think it should
> be add to the FAQ as it appears to be a commone need.

That would be nice.


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