Zebedee again....

James Pifer jamesvnclist "at" tnjinfl.com
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 14:47:58 +0000

Sorry, think I found the answers to my own questions.

If you have logging turned on it tells you that you've made a tunneled
connection. Good enough for now.
By adding the AuthHosts key with a value of -:+, the server will only
accept connections on itself, therefore only through the tunnel.

Please let me know if I have unecessarily opened up any security risks by
doing this. After all, I'm after a secure connection.

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  I know there's lots in the archive about Zebedee, but I haven't found
reference to what I'm looking for.

  I have a very basic Zebedee connection working. At least I think it's

  Is there any way to verify that I really have an encrypted tunnel working?
Other than sniffing the wire?
  Also, my VNC Server seems to still accept normal VNC client connections. Is
there any way to have VNC only accept connections coming through Zebedee?

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