ConnectPriority - can't share Windows NT VNC server

Chris de Vidal cdevidal "at"
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 10:22:40 +0000

    I can't seem to get Connect Priority working like

To quote the documentation:

ConnectPriority indicates what WinVNC should do when a
non-shared connection is received:
0 = Disconnect all existing connections.
1 = Don't disconnect any existing connections.
2 = Refuse the new connection.

    On my NT server, I put the DWORD ConnectPriority
gave it a value of 1.

    I stopped and started the VNC service and
connected my Linux box.  As long as I specify -shared,
or click the sharing button on a Windows client, I can
connect other clients and share the server.  I
connected my Linux box and a Windows 2000 laptop.

    As soon as a client tries to connect that does not
have sharing enabled, it disconnects all existing
connections and logs in.

    Is this not working as the documenation said it
should?  I can't enable sharing on every viewer.

    Please advise, oh wise and mighty group members.


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