Running vncviewer through web browser

Tim Waugh twaugh "at"
Fri, 03 Aug 2001 00:11:13 +0000

On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 03:36:26PM -0700, Tsay, Caroline J wrote:

> 1) It doesn't show the entire desktop for Linux, which it should since I
> tried it on Windows and it does for Windows.  It just shows a xterm window
> for the remote Linux system and that's it.

The AT&T VNC server works differently for Windows than for UNIX and
Linux: for Windows, the display is served up.  That's simple enough,
since there is only one (or historically has been).  For UNIX, a new
display is created and a session run on it (by default, with just an
xterm on).  Take a look in ~/.vnc/ for the script that gets run on the

If you want the actual Linux display that is currently being displayed
on the monitor to be available,

a) think about whether that's _really_ what you need, or if a separate
   display doesn't suit your needs better,
b) if you need the Windows-style behaviour, use x0rfbserver rather
   than Xvnc.

> 2) Only one user can access the desktop at a time, unless I install
> servers on the Linux system and the web portal user connects to anyone of
> the free displays.  There's no way around this?
> 3) You have to enter a password on the applet before you can view the
> desktop.  I'm wondering if this could be disabled.

(Don't know.)

> 4) Also, I'm having problems viewing the desktop if I'm on another system.
> Doesn't this defeat the purpose of VNCViewer?  For example, I have
> on my Linux RedHat 7.0 box and if I open up a browser to connect to it, it
> works fine. If I go to another Linux RedHat 7.0 box and open up a browser,
> it won't let me connect to the server.

"Won't let you"?  What's the error message, and how are the two
machines connected exactly?


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