Running vncviewer through web browser

Tsay, Caroline J caroline.j.tsay "at"
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 23:42:01 +0000


I just found out yesterday that VNC can be used as an applet; however, there
are three problems that I need help on:

1) It doesn't show the entire desktop for Linux, which it should since I
tried it on Windows and it does for Windows.  It just shows a xterm window
for the remote Linux system and that's it.  
2) Only one user can access the desktop at a time, unless I install multiple
servers on the Linux system and the web portal user connects to anyone of
the free displays.  There's no way around this? 
3) You have to enter a password on the applet before you can view the
desktop.  I'm wondering if this could be disabled.
4) Also, I'm having problems viewing the desktop if I'm on another system.
Doesn't this defeat the purpose of VNCViewer?  For example, I have VNCServer
on my Linux RedHat 7.0 box and if I open up a browser to connect to it, it
works fine. If I go to another Linux RedHat 7.0 box and open up a browser,
it won't let me connect to the server.  

If anyone could help me with any of these issues that would be great.

Thank you so much,
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