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If you go to , you'll have to scroll down to the
section labeled "Preview (development) releases".  From there find the
section labeled "win32", the links to the latest source code and binaries
are there (latest binaries are for 1.1p8c).

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 From the note below, I got the impression that these were pretty
developed / complied binaries at,
the dates on the files are 10/2000. Is this right? I'm already using vnc

for Win32 with dates in May of this year?

Can someone please set me straight (at least about this <g>)?

At 04:06 PM 7/30/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I agree with all the tridia vs vnc(regular) comments.  However, if you
>really want to see a speed improvment, go to
>download the latest beta tight builds for the server and client.  The
>new beta builds, which will hopefully get put into the next version of
>Tridia VNC, fix some of the artifact problems that some have mentioned,
>but more importantly, it is much faster.
>The main addition to speed IMHO is the addition of local cursors.
>Basically, the client handles drawing the cursor.  The server sends the
>cursor only when it changes.  This save huge amounts of bandwidth and
>makes interacting with a high latency computer much much much
>easier(make that possible).  If you have ever overshot an OK dialog
>button, then you know what I am talking about.
>I support computers all over the country and connect to machines on T1
>lines via my DSL line.  The tight betas are 4x faster than any other
>version of vnc.  Even on my local LAN, I perfer the new tight over
>Hextile.  The latency is slightly worse, but the screen draws are much
>faster, espically with Jpeg turned on.
>Const Kaplinsky, thanks for implimenting the cursor feature.  I have
>been requesting/arguing/hacking for that feature for 3 years now.  I
>highly recommend that the VNC programmers look at some of the work he
>has done and include it in the next version of VNC.
>On 30 Jul 2001 14:25:36 -0400, Russell Bryan wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> >
> > I have a rather peculiar question, and I've searched both the
archives for
> > WinVNC mailing list and TridiaVNC mailing lists along with any FAQs
> other
> > outside links I could find, but did not find an answer..
> >
> > So, here we go.  I downloaded WinVNC a while back, and I absolutely 
> love it.
> > We have servers that are in a remote (and locked) location, and
getting up
> > to go make a change to the server got to be a hassle.. now, I can 
> access all
> > of my server from my own machine.
> >
> > Now, that means I need to stop eating all of that ice cream..  =P
> >
> > But here is my question:  I downloaded TridiaVNC and installed it
> > thinking that there might be some more options in it... but, I
wasn't able
> > to find any difference (aside from the icons, of course) in
TridiaVNC then
> > that of WinVNC.  Could someone inform me of what the differences are

> between
> > TridiaVNC and WinVNC?  I'm still new at this, and I hope I don't 
> overstep my
> > boundries by asking, but I am curious.
> >
> > Regards,
> >   -- Russell
> >
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