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Lee Douglas LeeDouglas "at"
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 18:39:23 +0000

 From the note below, I got the impression that these were pretty recently 
developed / complied binaries at, but 
the dates on the files are 10/2000. Is this right? I'm already using vnc 
for Win32 with dates in May of this year?

Can someone please set me straight (at least about this <g>)?

At 04:06 PM 7/30/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I agree with all the tridia vs vnc(regular) comments.  However, if you
>really want to see a speed improvment, go to and
>download the latest beta tight builds for the server and client.  The
>new beta builds, which will hopefully get put into the next version of
>Tridia VNC, fix some of the artifact problems that some have mentioned,
>but more importantly, it is much faster.
>The main addition to speed IMHO is the addition of local cursors.
>Basically, the client handles drawing the cursor.  The server sends the
>cursor only when it changes.  This save huge amounts of bandwidth and
>makes interacting with a high latency computer much much much
>easier(make that possible).  If you have ever overshot an OK dialog
>button, then you know what I am talking about.
>I support computers all over the country and connect to machines on T1
>lines via my DSL line.  The tight betas are 4x faster than any other
>version of vnc.  Even on my local LAN, I perfer the new tight over
>Hextile.  The latency is slightly worse, but the screen draws are much
>faster, espically with Jpeg turned on.
>Const Kaplinsky, thanks for implimenting the cursor feature.  I have
>been requesting/arguing/hacking for that feature for 3 years now.  I
>highly recommend that the VNC programmers look at some of the work he
>has done and include it in the next version of VNC.
>On 30 Jul 2001 14:25:36 -0400, Russell Bryan wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> >
> > I have a rather peculiar question, and I've searched both the archives for
> > WinVNC mailing list and TridiaVNC mailing lists along with any FAQs or 
> other
> > outside links I could find, but did not find an answer..
> >
> > So, here we go.  I downloaded WinVNC a while back, and I absolutely 
> love it.
> > We have servers that are in a remote (and locked) location, and getting up
> > to go make a change to the server got to be a hassle.. now, I can 
> access all
> > of my server from my own machine.
> >
> > Now, that means I need to stop eating all of that ice cream..  =P
> >
> > But here is my question:  I downloaded TridiaVNC and installed it recently,
> > thinking that there might be some more options in it... but, I wasn't able
> > to find any difference (aside from the icons, of course) in TridiaVNC then
> > that of WinVNC.  Could someone inform me of what the differences are 
> between
> > TridiaVNC and WinVNC?  I'm still new at this, and I hope I don't 
> overstep my
> > boundries by asking, but I am curious.
> >
> > Regards,
> >   -- Russell
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