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To get windows VNC to 'see' your linux machine...
1) Ensure that windows knows about your Linux machine - put an entry into
hosts on the windows machine that points to the Linux system eg..
#Addr            full name                           alias1          alias2        linux           LINUX       windows    WINDOWS

2)    See if you can ping the Linux system from windows MS-DOS command

3)    on Linux system, enter the command vncserver :1, if you have not run
vncserver before, it will
        ask you for a password, and the confirm it. NB you should do this as
anything but ROOT or SU.

4)    on Windows system run vncviewer and enter the system:screennum
(linux:1) and then the password.

It should all work. It does for me!

PS I ensure that vncserver is running on the linux system by starting
vncserver :1 from /etc/bashrc using the following code...

# start vncserver if user is NOT post(master) or post(gres) AND
# if Xvnc is not found in list of tasks
if ! echo $USER | grep post ; then
 if !  ps -A | grep Xvnc  ; then
    if ls $HOME/.vnc/$HOSTNAME*.* | grep : ; then
          echo Removing old VNC server files...
         rm -f $HOME/.vnc/$HOSTNAME*.*
             echo Starting VNCServer on screen :1 ...
              vncserver :1

NB if the system crashes, you get left with a file /tmp/.X11-unix/X1, which
has to be destroyed manually before the above code will work again. But the
login dialog tells you that  (if you log in in traditional text mode and not
X - under X I do not know what happens!)

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> Hello everyone
> This is Nishant Awasthi from Vanguard Solutions Group, Inc.
> I got your mail from VNC list.
> I must admit that VNC is really an excellent software developed
> by ATT as I am using it here with no problems.
> Though I have just one problem if you can please help me with that.
> 1. I want to open a view of my LINUX server computer on my
>     windows machine. What exactly I have to do for that ?
> I have no problem in accessing the windows view from LINUX machine
> but I don`t know how to make the
> vnc service running on the LINUX machine so that my windows machine can
> get the LINUX screen view.
> Right now I have VNC installed both on Linux and Windows machines.
> Please reply to the email if you get time...I am stuck
> Thanks and I appreciate it.
> nishant
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