Help!!! VNC

Nawasthi nawasthi "at"
Wed, 01 Aug 2001 18:53:35 +0000

Hello everyone

This is Nishant Awasthi from Vanguard Solutions Group, Inc.

I got your mail from VNC list.

I must admit that VNC is really an excellent software developed
by ATT as I am using it here with no problems.

Though I have just one problem if you can please help me with that.

1. I want to open a view of my LINUX server computer on my
    windows machine. What exactly I have to do for that ?

I have no problem in accessing the windows view from LINUX machine
but I don`t know how to make the 
vnc service running on the LINUX machine so that my windows machine can
get the LINUX screen view.

Right now I have VNC installed both on Linux and Windows machines.

Please reply to the email if you get time...I am stuck

Thanks and I appreciate it.
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