not a bug report for tridiaVNC mac server alpha 2

Tim Senecal tsenecal "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:27:47 +0000

Jonathan & Adrian...

<snip... >

>The modifier-key problem/fix is in the application, which is currently not
>released with that fix.  Please be patient...

yes, yes, we are simply trying to help you create a server that finally
seems to be stable enough to actually use :)

So please accept our input in the helpful manner we hope it is being sent,
and not as an indication that we appear to be a bunch of pushy over-bearing
yanks... with nothing to do but torture your software...   

(now, for tongue completely in cheek)

having said all that, when can we expect alpha 3?, my G3 box is sitting
here doing nothing but sending clock updates to my NT viewer app  :)

(and if you have no stomach for sarcasm, stop reading now...)

and When will you be starting on the cocoa server?  I have a G4 here that
feels horribly neglected, because I had the audacity to put OSX beta on it...

(actually, i would like to know if anybody out there in VNC listserv land
has heard of any attempts in the past to build an OpenStep/NextStep
server...  which i feel at this time is the best place to start)

again, thanks guys for all the work you have already put into it, and if
there is anything more i can do for you, let me know.

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