problem running vnc on Solaris 7

Edwood Ng eng "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:17:38 +0000


I'm experiencing problem with running VNC Server on Solaris 7.  I could
start the server with vncserver through a telnet session with no problem and
am able to connect through vncviewer.  I could see the window manager and
the xterm running.  However, as soon as I exit out from this telnet session,
the VNC viewer turns gray.  It appeared that all the processes that were
running within this VNC session are killed due to the exiting of the telnet
session.  I tried the same start up procedure on a Linux system and it
worked like charm.  The VNC session was still running as well as the window
manager and xterm.  Is there any special setting or start up script that I
have to use in order to make it work on Solaris 7?  

Similar problem I found from the mailing list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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