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Mike Babulic mike.babulic "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:17:30 +0000

on 11/30/00 1:07 AM, Oeschey, Lars at oeschey "at" wrote:

> Does anyone have an idea regarding the filetransfer? Perhaps some
> lightweight freeware ftp for Win, that we just start when needed?

Why not just use Windoze file sharing?

1) Create a shared "Outgoing Files" folder on your central file server
   (or on somebody's pc)
2) Put a shortcut to the "Outgoing Files" folder on each person's desktop
3) Create an "Incoming Files" folder on each user's desktop
   Share it WRITE_ONLY to everyone
4) Put a shortcut to each user's "Incoming Files" folder into the
   "Outgoing Files" folder; then rename that shortcut with the person's
5) Make sure that everyone has read access to everything in the
   Outgoing Files folder

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