VNC vs. MS products

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Thu, 30 Nov 2000 19:05:58 +0000

Good points.  I've gotten Zebedee to work as an encrypted tunnel between
Windows clients, it runs in the background as a service.  Also, since it's
WinVNC, I've enabled user acknowledgement. Basically if I get approval I'm
going to probably put together setup "packages" that the person doing the
setup will just have to double-click and it will install, which will
incorporate everything we need - ie, setup as a service, registry settings,
default password, Zebedee, etc.  Zebedee itself uses a package called
Innosetup (for Win32), which is also open source.  I've glanced at it
briefly, it looks like what I need.

As for file transfer, it would be nice, but it's not absolutely vital.  For
example, it's probably possible to re-direct FTP through a second Zebedee
session (or maybe the same session, or something similar), and have a small
FTP server on the control end.  Not ideal, but it'd work.

I've found VNC's speed to be reasonable, that's all I'm asking for
(especially when considering other factors such as cost, cross-platform
ability, etc.)

Anyway, good points again.


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If security is your major concern then maybe another product might be your
best alternative.  While VNC is a great product for a lot of areas, it does
lack in a few definite areas that commercial products meet.

1:	User authentication.  The ability to use Domain based/centralized

2:	Passwords.  The ability to change password easily, and have them
without messing with the registry.  I know that there will be argument about
some of these things, but if you read the mail list you will realize that
the novice, and even experienced, user has problems like this.  The password
has an 8 character limit.  For some people that might be ok, but I wouldn't
use it on my server connected to the internet.

3:	Encryption.  A lot of products have built in encryption.  This isn't
easily available for all platforms, and when it is available its a pain in
the butt to integrate for the "normal" user.

4:	File copy.  This may or may not be something you are interested in,
you won't get it here.

5:	Speed.  While it is fast, its not the fastest protocol out there.
falls behind some other solution.

Now there are things it excels at.

1:	I use it for demonstrating things to users all the time.  I built a
viewer that can only view, not take over, a session.  I even took out the
check box so they can't accidentally mess up my demo. I have my users use it
when I want to demonstrate something to them.

2:	Free.  Can't beat that.

3:	Source code.  If you are technically inclined, you can modify it to
hearts content so that it meets YOUR needs.

4:	Runs on about everything.

5:	Not the most difficult thing to set up, once you learn all of the

This is just my opinion, but I have been using it quite a bit for the last
year for the demonstration purposes.  I use Terminal Server for controlling
my servers though, its faster, it encrypts, and its free on all of my W2K

Take care,

Ken Foster

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>  There's one tech in the office who insists that MS
> products are the way to go, simply because most of our customers run MS
> and he considers it the "easiest" path.

Is he shure there won't be one with Unix or MacOS? Absoluteley? Realy
absoluteley? Will he sign a paper (making clear HE will be the one who
has to pay additional integration costs if he was wrong) telling there
are no customers using non MS OSes?

If not -- why does he want to take products not available on other

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