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> RE: User notification
> From: Habermann, David (DA) (habermann "at"
> Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 11:45:30 EST 
> It would be nice if we could get Tridia to include this modification in 
> their source (with a switch to activate, of course) as we seem to get fairly 
> regular requests on this issue (and it would be nice if it was 
> cross-platform, not just for Windows). 
> Dave Habermann 
> Dow Chemical Company 

TridiaVNC prerelease 1.3.2 provides support for AuthHosts
and QueryHosts.  By setting AuthHosts to "?", you can cause
an accept dialog to appear for all incoming connections.
Supportal members can access the 1.3.2 binaries immediately
from  In addition, the source code is
available on

We are also in the process of adding an optional beep on
connection and disconnection, as well as an option to accept
a connection when the accept dialog times out.

One problem with implementing an accept dialog on the Unix
platforms is that there is no one to accept the first
connection.  I suppose, one could enable the normal VNC port
when the "inetd" option is used and then only require the
accept dialog for connections on the regular port.  Another
option would be to only require the accept dialog for the
second and subsequent connections.  It is not immediately
clear to me how to handle the accept dialog in the Unix

If a regular XFree86 server had VNC support grafted onto it,
then an accept dialog for new connections would make more

Comments anyone?


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> >Can anyone tell me if there is a way of notifying the user (i.e. the person 
> >with the server) that someone (i.e. the person with the viewer) is looking 
> >at their machine. Perhaps with a popup or a flashing systray icon? 
> Assuming Windows, the system tray icon turns black when a connection is in 
> progress. There is also a modified version available which actually pops 
> up a dialog asking for confirmation before the session is initiated. 

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