BUG REPORT: Mac TridiaVNC Server v3.4.0 alpha 2

Mike Babulic mike.babulic "at" gov.calgary.ab.ca
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:55:32 +0000

on 11/30/00 9:51 AM, Jonathan Morton at chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com wrote:

> The double-click problem *may* be fixed by the Drag Manager patch in Adrian's
> latest patches, but just as likely not.  I'm working on a better fix for the
> double-click issue.

Nope, the Drag manager patch didn't fix it.  Double-click works fine for
text (even in the finder), but not for Finder icons.

BTW - It may be alpha software and it may be slower, but it's more stable
than the previous beta on my system.

Mike Babulic,  Management Systems Analyst
Engineering Computer Services,  The City of Calgary
mike.babulic "at" gov.calgary.ab.ca  phone: 268-2520
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