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Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:23:46 +0000

I said:

> Actually, I would very much like to hear from people using the Tridia
> VNC Server (both PPC and 68k), to find out if the drag phenomenon is
> widespread.

Mike Babulic answered:

> I have the drag problem too.

Glad to see it is a 'normal' problem (if you see what I mean...)
What machines/OSes etc. is this on?

> Other problems:
>  - double-clicking on an icon in the Finder doesn't seem to work

Try harder! -Occasionally it does... server app needs tweaking here...

>  - shift-click and control-click don't work

Nope! Modifiers won't work with mouse at the moment - again it's the
server app needs fixing (Jonathan already has, I believe)...

>  - can't figure out how to emulate the command and option keys

Use both alt and ctrl keys on Unix (or Windows?) viewer.
Again, won't work with the mouse, but should with other keys
- i.e. you can do menu commands like this.

Tim Senecal at tsenecal "at" wrote:

> downloaded, installed, and I have found no problem with it, drags of
> finder icons drag the icon, and relatively quick on the updates too.

Mike Babulic also concurred:

> Yep, it fixes the drag problem & seems a bit faster.

And then I threw a spanner in the works by noting that it doesn't
completely fix the drag problem...

I've just been able to try it out on my network of iMacs, and it does
*generally* fix the problem.

However, if you drag an icon (or a chunk of selected text, say from
SimpleText, or whatever) over the menu bar, or over the window of an app
that does not support drag'n'drop (including the server app's windows),
then it still 'locks' the server and requires a nudge (or a click) to
free it.
(Curiously enough, Word 98 does not seem to have this trouble - probably
because they've gone and done something rather non-standard with their

I suspect it is not working in these cases because for non-dropable apps
the drag manager is no longer sending any signals out to these apps, so
there are no longer any of the patched calls to be intercepted by the

I've been reading up on the drag manager, and I think I have an idea for
a more general way to fix the drag problem than by patching the drag

- Watch this space!

Jonathan suggested:

> The double-click problem *may* be fixed by the Drag Manager patch in
> Adrian's latest patches...

If it is, I'd *love* to know how...

(No, it isn't... - but it does seem to depend a lot on the server - my
Duo 2300 seems fairly robust for double-clicks, but the iMacs are not.
It could be that *slower* is better! -then again, it could be 'cos my
Duo is weird...)

Adrian Umpleby
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