BUG REPORT: Mac TridiaVNC Server v3.4.0 alpha 2

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at" penguinpowered.com
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:57:54 +0000

>on 11/29/00 2:45 PM, a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk at a.umpleby "at" ic.ac.uk wrote:
>> Actually, I would very much like to hear from people using the Tridia
>> VNC Server (both PPC and 68k), to find out if the drag phenomenon is
>> widespread.
>I have the drag problem too.
>Other problems:
>  - double-clicking on an icon in the Finder doesn't seem to work
>  - shift-click and control-click don't work
>  - can't figure out how to emulate the command and option keys

The keyboard modifier keys were broken in alpha-2, fixed now (but not
released yet).  The double-click problem *may* be fixed by the Drag Manager
patch in Adrian's latest patches, but just as likely not.  I'm working on a
better fix for the double-click issue.

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