polling via php

Sascha Schulte sascha "at" raphaelsklinik.de
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:14:07 +0000


I just subscribed to this list, looking for help. I allready searched the 
messages-archives without succes. So please excuse me if you heard this 
question 10000 times before. :-)

We have a win-Network over TCP-IP. Some days ago we started die replace our 
old RC-Prog by VNC. It works very well. With one exception: 

I wrote a short script in PHP wich should scan the whole subnet for active 
VNC-hosts an list them as links on a php/html-site.

Here4s the responsible line:
$qw = fsockopen("$iprow[ip1].$iprow[ip2].$iprow[ip3].$iprow[ip4]", 5800, 
&$errno, &$errstr, 0.1);

($iprow is an array containing the four IP-Adress-bytes.)

All it daoes is trying to open an connection to the specified IP-Adress on 
Port 5800 an return an error or a succses-note. (better: i use the return 
values as error/succses-notes :-) ) The last value, "0.1" is the timeout in 

It works very well - on some machines. Allthough every machine is reachable 
with the vnc-client and and even with any browser on port 5800, only some of 
them respond to my php-query. Strangely only the faster machines (> 200mhz) 
respond - with one 133 Mhz exception. The other 133mhz-machines don4t answer 
to my php-query. But i still can connect to them as usual with the 
VNC-Winclient oder Linux-client. 

Even if i change the timeout from 0.1 to 2 seconds the slower machines do not 
respond. I think 2 seconds should really be enough for a 133mhz - machine to 

The php-machine is installed behind a firewall wich is configured to allow 
connections on ports 5800 an 5900. The VNC Servers are configured to run on 
screen 0.

Can anybody help? could it realy be that the timout has still to be set 
higher? We have 200 Pc4s - this would take a very long time!

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