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Harmen van der Wal harmen.wal "at"
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:15:15 +0000

"A. Di Santo" wrote:
> Greetings,
> I hope I'm mailing this message to the proper person(s).
> I am one of many people at my office who are behind a proxy server and
> firewall. The firewall is a packet-filtering variety which has port 5800
> open. When I use my netscape or I.E. browser to connect from my Winnt
> workstation 4.0 pc at the office to the winvnc server on my winnt 4.0
> workstation home pc (I type in my IP address:5800), I am prompted for
> the password - which I enter. I then click the okay button and after
> about thirty seconds the message "No route to Host" appears.
> I've read and attempted to follow your information on firewalls, even
> using vnc via a proxy to "fool" the firewall, but nothing seems to help.
> Do you have any suggestions?

Besides the 5800-http port, you should check the vnc/rfb port, 5900 or
5901 (check the source of html-file).

Exactly how did you go about using a proxy?
You could either use HTTPort, socks2http, or my java viewer below.

You could also tell your vnc server to listen to another port.

If packets to your vnc/rfb port are filtered out by the firewall (but
you can connect directly without using your LAN's proxy to port 80) you
should be able to use my Java viewer through a free internet HTTP proxy.
Fill in the correct VNC host and vnc/rfb-port, fill in the HTTP proxy
(PROXYHOST1, PROXYPORT1), and check "load applet through PROXYHOST1".

Good luck!

Firewall VNC Client:
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